Igbo Day

Picture 6The Igbo Day is a day set aside by ICAE to provide our members the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be of Igbo Ancestry. It is a day many Igbos remember their heritage, their past history and experiences; a day of solidarity and love, and a day to give praise and thanks to Chukwu, the Almighty God for all His blessings on our people.

It a time to honour our sons and daughters, who have actually done much for the Igbo nation and Nigeria as a whole, who have excelled in their various fields of human endeavour; who have used their talent to touch the lives of others; who have used what God endowed them to enhance The City of Edmonton’s economy.

Our Igbo Day is held once every two years and it has become an excellent opportunity to showcase the rich Igbo cultural heritage passed on to us from our fore fathers via way of traditional dance, attire, food and culture.

Igbo Youth Day

The Igbo Youth Day is to empower the Igbo youths in Edmonton and surrounding areas to be nurtured into responsible, well-adjusted and productive leaders by promoting our deep cultural heritage as Igbos.

The ultimate goal is to draw these youths to have a better understanding of their cultural heritage, create an awareness of leadership and showcase the rewards of diversity and brotherliness in all we do as a people.

Yearly Christmas Party

The yearly Christmas Party is a time we set aside to reflect on our achievements for the year and to thank God for all his blessing, grace and favour throughout the year. It is a forum where we gather together as Igbos to enjoy our communal way of celebration by sharing food/gifts, showcasing our culture, exchanging knowledge and ideas in such a way that we continue to become productive members of our community.

Humanitarian Services

Through our Humanitarian Services initiative, ICAE engages itself in the life of the wider Edmonton community. We collaborate with Social Services and other charitable associations to impact the quality of life of our members and the entire Edmonton society at large. Some of our ongoing and proposed initiatives include:

I. Food Bank Food Drive

ICAE has opened cooperation with the Food Bank to participate in the fight against hunger. With this initiative, we collect non-perishable food items at our events and meetings and donate them to the Food Bank in favor of the hungry and the homeless.

II. Habitat for Humanity Edmonton

ICAE will be volunteering and partnering with the HFH at their building sites to provide lunch for the volunteers. This will be an ongoing partnership as ICAE’s mission strongly aligns with this initiative.

III. Group Birthday Celebration for ICAE Kids

This is a quarterly celebration for all our kids whose birthdays fall within the 4 month period. The celebrations normally take place on the sidelines at our General Meetings. The kids receive ICAE birthday cards while cake and snacks are shared.

IV. Integration for New Members

ICAE is populated with individuals from all walks of life and far reaching levels of professional and personal life experiences. These resources are deployed to assist newcomers to Edmonton adjust and integrate into the community.

v. Birth and Death Solidarity

When the light of a new life is shone into any ICAE family, we encourage our members to reach out and felicitate and share the joy. We also mourn with and condole with members that loose loved ones based on the provision in our constitution.

vi. Other Celebrations

We encourage ICAE members to visit and celebrate with members that have bought their new homes, support during weddings and graduations. The Association is willing to be part of these events to support based on invitation