The Igbo Cultural Association of Edmonton (ICAE) is an association which brings together persons and groups of persons who are Igbo by birth, marriage, naturalization or adoption, within the Edmonton geographical area. Our purpose is to promote and maintain Igbo heritage while enhancing a smooth cultural infusion in recognition of other cultures within our immediate environment in Edmonton. Membership is open to all Igbo indigenes or Igbo’s by marriage, naturalization or adoption within the Edmonton geographical area as defined in our constitution.

Our Mission includes:

• To uphold truth and integrity
• To foster brotherhood and friendship among all Igbo’s in particular and all other people in general.
• To build strong family ties and to encourage a high level of moral conduct and other traditional yardsticks of Igbo’s family values.
• To patronize and encourage one another in all honest endeavors and thus buttress the development of a strong Igbo economic unit.
• To promote and maintain Igbo heritage in Edmonton while enhancing a smooth cultural infusion in recognition of other cultures.
• To promote peace and understanding among all Igbo people in Edmonton and the Canada as a whole.
• To unify Igbo’s in Edmonton, Canada and the World as a whole.
• To receive, invest, hold property and disburse funds for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of ICAE without violating the non-profit status.

What makes us Different?

We positively impact our immediate Edmonton environment and Canada as a whole; make a difference in our heritage in Nigeria and empower our members around the world.

How do we Work?

Our impact starts with our leaders - people who work tirelessly with their organization to solve some of our communities' toughest challenges. Their efforts are supported by ICAE. We are led by responsible leaders who help to carry forward our organization's mission and values in their elected roles.